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Bachata Beginner is our class for everyone that hasn't danced Bachata before. We will teach you the most important dance positions, the basic steps and the technicalfundamentals of Bachata so that you are welt prepared to dive into the world of Bachata Sensual.
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So you've mastered the basic Bachata Steps and you want to learn more about the magical world of Bachata Sensual? Then this course is perfect for you! Here you will learn more complex combinations, the fundamentals of musicality and the most important Do's and Dont's of Social Dance*. 
*Social Dance is the act of dancing freely to Music at a Bachata/Salsa Party. Here you will ask (or be asked) to dance with random strangers and dance with them to one (or more) songs which are usually played my a DJ.
Private Classes
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There is certainly no better way to focus on and reach personal goals than by taking a private class. Here we will help you develop the correct Bachata technique, establish your strengths and work on  musicality and style! You can bring a partner or come alone. Prices vary depending if you want to take the class with both of us or just one. For more Info scroll to the "Prices" section.


Wedding Dance
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Want to spice up your wedding with something less boring than a Waltz or Foxtrot? Then you've come to the right place!

 We offer 2:2 Wedding Dance Classes to teach you the basics in Bachata Sensual, trimmed to your very own wishes and needs for a dream wedding dance!

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