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BachaRoyale - ...and the Winner is:

We spent last weekend in Freiburg near the french border in southern Germany. After a long wait it was finally time for: BACHAROYALE!

We had bought our party pass quite a few months ago and signed up for the Social Dance competition which was to take place in a complete new format. There was no jury. Everyone with a ticket was the jury and could vote for those who has signed up as a contestant.

We arrived at my (Sarahs) Best friends place in Freiburg quite late, had some delicious food and some deep, long overdue chats. By the time we got ready, but our contestant badges on and arrived at the location it was already time for the shows. WOW! A special shout out to our beautiful friend Karolina who danced a jaw dropping solo. Your technique and passion are out of this world girl and you can be so incredibly proud of yourself!!

Friday social was weird for me. I felt super uncomfortable, tired. I wasnt happy with my outfit, my hair etc and felt like I'd never danced a day in my life. Stiff. Imbalanced. We stayed until the end and then decided to make a better come back for the next social on Day two.

Saturday we did some sightseeing in Freiburg - which has a really beautiful Old Town by the way, definitely worth a visit!!

In the evening we took it slow, had a nap and made our way back to the festival. New day, new social, new luck. Phils words before we left "lets forget the competition and just have fun". And me: "Yeah I danced terribly anyhow yesterday, I guess I'll just leave my competitor badge at home".

We went, we danced, we enjoyed. It was an AMAZING Social Dance night. I was on a whole nother energy level than Friday and i just smiled and swayed across the dance floor.

Around midnight DJ York presented the shows and then it was time to announce the winners of the Social Dance Contest. Now I must say, the level of Social Dancing at this event was INSANE. I heard alot of dancers saying they had never experienced this level of social dancing at a german event. So it was by no means apparent, who was going to take a medal home. Everyone deserved one!

Third place was called up. Third Place Leader: Agazi !! Third Place follower: Andrea Gabriela !!

Second Place Leader: Kevin !! and my good friend from Munich: Isabel !!

At This point I was just super happy for Isabel and had completely forgotten that I was even in the contest.

First Place Leader: Egis !! This result didn't surprise me. Egis is an incredible dancer and artist from Lithuania and I'd definitely say I had my best dance of the weekend with him (thank you Egis!).

Dj York begann announcing the First place Follower: "Sarah..." My thoughts were "oh, good for her, but who was the other Sarah?". I tried to think of a face to match the Name. Then York started naming days of the week and that was the point where pure confusion set in. It wasn't the first time someone has made the joke about my last name and days of the week, but it took me quite sometime to realise that he was actually talking about ME! Holy shit! My friends started pushing me forward out of the crowd "go, its you!". And so, with a mix of confused happiness and pride, a medal was hung around my neck. I had been voted top follower of the competition.

I truly believe each and every dancer there was and is a winner and would have equally deserved the medals. It was an honour to stand there amongst all of you and be a part of the competition and the festival.

The most important learning for me from all this was, that one bad day is not a reflection of who I am. We all have ups and downs. For a variety of reasons. And it's never too late to make a comeback, to start again. To Trust the Universe and enjoy the moment.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words. Mostly thank you to my boyfriend, my kindest, most supportive soulmate and partner in crime for celebrating with me and for always having my back. And Thank you Florence & Vasko for organising this amazing Event! We will be back again!

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