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Recap: Bachata Geneva Festival

If you weren't there last year and you weren't there this year... that's something you DEFINITELY need to change for next year!!

Why? Because Pablo and Tiago are the most caring, sweet, lovable organisers and they go above and beyond, to fulfil their vision. We had never experienced this kind of hospitality before visiting Geneva last year and this year our favourite take away was this: it felt like FAMILY.

This year was BIGGER, BETTER and simply unforgettable and we cannot wait for it to be topped again next year! (btw. no pressure guys ;) )

After getting up at 4 am to fly to a snowy Geneva on Friday morning, we visited our dear friend Andrea who hosted us for the weekend (Thanks girl!), went sightseeing and drank some delicious, incredibly expensive coffee (I think there may have been Gold in it?!... or on current occasion maybe oil?).

We got some rest and then headed to the Be Wild Opening Party of the Geneva Bachata Festival 2022.

Opening parties for me are always kind of filled with curiosity. Who is there? What is the level of the dancers? How is the music? Whats the vibe? I'd say the only "downside" I noticed was a slightly sticky floor, which made dancing in sneakers kind of tricky. But that's seriously high level complaining :D The organisers had literally thought of EVERYTHING. There was food, drinks, ventilators, powder, Photographers, Videographers, shows, a cloakroom, a concert and and and...

We kicked off Saturday by attending a workshop by Kiko & Nahir. It was my first workshop with them and I have to say, I LOVED their energy. A dance friend of ours who didn't know my name until recently used to refer to me as "German Nahir", which now after seeing her in person is seriously the biggest compliment of all time. She is absolutely hilarious and authentic in character. Big shout out to you girl!!

We continued our Saturday attending workshops with Pablo & Raquel, Melvin & Gatica and Toni & Ana before taking a much needed nap before the Fashion Week party. Now this Party was fantastic! There were some truly exceptional dancers and it was all topped by shows (incl. by our friends from Munich, Luigi & Steffi - great work guys!!) and a concert by Mario Baro. We left "early" at about 3am and missed Melvin take off his shirt (again!) - this is why you stay until the end people! ;)

After two long nights and a long workshop day before, Sunday is always the hardest to get started. Body sore, stiff, tired... But that's nothing the right people and the right Vibes can't fix :) Favourite workshops of this day were definitely Pablo & Raquels Dominican touch and the very last Workshop with our dear friends Nico & Jasmin from Basel - you guys rock!!

The Sunday Closing Party was definitely my favourite. I didn't dance with any "stars" or stay until the very end, BUT I had my best dances of the festival. There was enough space to not worry about being fly kicked or head-bumped. It was the prime core of dancers left. The really passionate ones. And that, was very special.

I want to finish by saying: Pablo & Tiago, you are so appreciated. What you have brought to life here is incredible and you can be so so proud! You are both so passionate about what you do, it is really inspiring! Please always keep your caring souls and your authentic, individual personalities - it is truly a great honour to call you our friends!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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