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If you're thinking about visiting our Bachata Classes in Augsburg, you might be wondering what it is exactly, that you will be learning. Here is a short description of what Bachata is and where it originates. To find out more about the content of each of our classes, visit the classes page.


Bachata was primarily the name for a genre of music which first came to life in the 1960's in the Dominican Republic. From this Music the dance style "Bachata" was born. The word Bachata means "party" or "fiesta", to drink, to dance, socialise and to have fun!

In accordance with the development of the music genre, Bachata Dance has also evolved greatly over the last 60 years. It is a couple dance danced on 8 counts that was first inspired by Son Cubano and Bolero and later also by Merengue, Guaracha and Ranchera. Today there are countless bachata dance styles: Bachata Dominicana, Bachata Moderna, Bachata Sensual, Bachata Fusion etc. These styles can be danced in open, classical and closed dance positions.

The Bachata styles which we (S&P) mostly dance, are bachata sensual and bachata fusion. Bachata Sensual is a style created by Korke (Jorge) Escalona and Judith Cordero which combines the fundamental steps of bachata with beautiful smooth circular body movements and waves creating a sensual, soft and some would say sexy dance. They have been fine tuning their work for almost 20 years and have become Masters in the Bachata Scene making it their mission to pass their passion on to future dancer and instructor generations.

Bachata Fusion combines traditional bachata techniques with hiphop dance flavour, especially in terms of musical interpretation. 

Copy of Copy of darling.png
Copy of Copy of darling.png
Copy of Copy of darling.png
Bachata Dominicana
Bachata Fusion
Bachata Sensual
Bachata Ladystyling
Bachata Moderna
Bachata Manstyle
Bachata Syles
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